YES, FOR GOD vs. NOT SURE   Should Russia liberate China?

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TIGER PK Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

China is in the Heart Of Pakistan. We love China. World knows the friendship of ours. China is Strong by Politics , ArMy, Militry and Specially in Technology and Science. God bless China, Live long.

MUSLIMS SO BACKWARDS Observer (5 years 7 months ago)

Islam Watch is founded by a few Muslim apostates. Hailing mainly from South Asia, some of us left Islam after the 9/11; others have been apostates since prior to that. We aim to establish that Islam is false. We feel that it needs to be emasculated, marginalized or eliminated altogether, if the Muslim world wants to come out of its current backwardness and quagmire, characterized by poverty, corruption, illiteracy, violence, misrule and tyranny, in which they have been thrown in due to Islamic

By: Karason, March 6, 2013


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